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Shanghai Shengdi International Trading Co., Ltd. , a registered ISO9001:2008 enterprise, is a leading exporter of OEM and aftermarket automobile parts in China. We specialize in the following automobiles: Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Opel.

We, Shanghai Shengdi International Trading Co., Ltd., have over the years established our name in the OEM market. By our commitment and motto of delivering the best products to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we strive hard to achieve excellence and provide the highest quality products and services to the automobile industry worldwide. We have been distributing a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket parts to wholesalers in Europe, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, and Africa for over 15 years.

Shanghai Shengdi International Trading Co., Ltd. was founded on the basis of quality service and loyalty to our customers. We believe firmly in developing a closer relationship with our customers through excellent services. Our carry a variety of products which include: COOLING PARTS,ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION PARTS,SUSPENTION PARTS,BODY PARTS AND ELECTRICAL PARTS.,ETC, and your orders are always delivered promptly with 100% confidence and satisfaction.

We work closely with numerous ISO and QS approved manufacturers and OE manufacturers in China. By working closely with our partners, it enables you avoid costly markups from the many agents that work throughout the dealership distribution chains. Not only are we dedicated to bringing you high quality parts at very competitive prices, we export and deliver our products directly to your door step.

We are also interested in developing and manufacturing products based upon customers' samples and designs. We'll even provide custom labels and packaging to our customers.

Our staff has years of experience in the European automobile parts market. They will assist and support you in getting the right parts. Take a look at our online inventory database and see how we can save you time as well as money on your next parts purchase. If you cannot find the parts or accessories you are looking for, simply contact us through email. Your requests will always be answered promptly and courteously.